• Jason Feldman

Efficiency Equals Better Client Experience

As a Realtor, my goal is to provide the same level of quality to every client, every time. This requires me to have systems, models and tools that equip me to do just that. The life of a Realtor is different every day. This can make consistent follow up challenging to say the least. That is why I love using tools like CloudHQ. CloudHQ has a host of tools to streamline my work and allow me to provide my clients far superior service.

One tool that has made my life far more efficient is the Gmail Email Templates extension. This has supercharged my email correspondence. I can create and share beautiful email templates using their entire pre-designed HTML template library. Personally I love that I can upload my own templates directly from MailChimp.

This tool has been really helpful for:

  • Newsletters

  • Private announcements

  • Sales processes

  • Marketing communication

  • Client Support

With CloudHQ I know I can stop wasting my time composing just the right email and instead trust that I am educating each client consistently, advising my clients with the same quality and information from the time they first land on my website to the time we close on their dream home.

Another tool I am excited to try is the meeting scheduler Chrome extension. This lets me send out a link so that my clients can choose a meeting time with me based on their availability. It works directly from Gmail, and is 100% integrated with your Google Calendar.

I have been able to say goodbye to 'email tag game' for scheduling appointments. Cloud HQ has many other tools I am looking forward to sharing my take on in the future. If you have questions about this product or any others from CloudHQ, feel free to drop me a line on our website at

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