Talent who relocate to another city usually report moving for two reasons:

  1. Quality of Career

  2. Quality of Life 


From relocation to community integration, we help your talent love where they live. 


You handle the Career, we handle the Life.

Together we make a concerted effort to attract and retain talent in Omaha!




    From the time your employees accept a relocation, LIVE402 is guiding and advising them throughout the process with personal and professional assistance to ensure a smooth transition. LIVE402 provides comprehensive support based on expenses authorized and needed by your company.

    Common Preparation Services include:

    • Family needs analysis

    • Home marketing assistance

    • Lease break assistance

    • Home sale program administration

    • Inventory management or property management.


    LIVE402 offers it's expansive network to provide local expertise in helping your employees settle into their new location and focus on the future.

    Some examples of destination services include:

    • Area orientation

    • Social integration

    • Home finding services (lease or purchase)

    • Household goods move management

    • Temporary living arrangements

    • Mortgage assistance

    • Spousal or partner career assistance

    • Pet transportation

    • School assistance

    • Much more.

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