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All started at home.

What we're about.

We incubate business & community leaders to help them grow new companies on the Silicon Prairie. We leverage our real estate portfolio to get Entrepreneurs the resources they need and get their ideas off the ground.

Personal Development

Starting a company is full of ups & downs. If you're willing to put in the work, we'll help you get your mind right to grow as a business leader. You'll be surrounded by like-minded people and coaches to guide you.

RESEARCH & Development

It's hard to start a business when you don't know where to start. We'll help you make key introductions, uncover scrappy hacks to validate your business model and land those initial paying clients. 


Access to funding is a major barrier for many when launching a startup. Our goal is to get Entrepreneurs access to critical early stage funding when other sources of capital are not yet available.


Someone who's been there

When I joined, I was still working my day job. Over the next year, they helped me develop my business model, connected me with opportunities to validate it and get traction in the market. 

If it wasn't for my ability to access the cash I paid in for my housing expenses, I may not have had the financial runway to launch Gazella. 

I've since gone on to raise money from other sources, dominate the market and grow my team!





Starting a business is ​​a high risk for both you and investors. That's why living here is a Win-Win. By joining our residency program, your cost of living covers our cost to help you.


We believe it's important to develop both a solid business plan and personal development plan. These benchmarks will be used to measure progress and determine your qualification for funding.

Execute GOALS

Based on attaining key milestones, we leverage the funds you've paid in to the program to make investments back in to your startup and help you gain traction in the market. 


When I started my own business, I didn't have support like this. After talking to countless other Entrepreneurs, I found I wasn't alone. Now having learned through the school of hard knocks, I'm helping make that road a little smoother for others to succeed.

Today, myself and a network of other organizations and individuals are passionately working to make this happen. Why? Because of a shared vision to change lives, grow our economy and grow the Silicon Prairie!

We're excited to be a stop for you along this journey and looking forward to receiving your application!

JASON FELDMAN, Managing Director


Opportunity is knocking.

Will you answer the door?


This stage will include an online application and in-person meeting to learn more about both you and your startup. 



Prior to acceptance, we'll conduct a background check to ensure safety of all program members.


Space is limited. We will contact applicants in the order they are approved.


As availability opens, we'll contact you as soon as possible so you can make plans to transition your living arrangements.


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